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Kids can get lost on the way to their dreams!

Kids need a caring adult to guide them, especially with today's distractions. Choose a video to imagine your child's journey if you guide them on a Dream Box Adventure. See "The Family Dream Box Instruction Guide" on to get started.

Quick Intro to A Child's Dream Box Adventure

This 3-minute stick-figure video lets kids and grown-ups imagine what their journey to achieve their child's dreams might be like.

Imagine the Pathway for Your Child in More Detail

This 7-minute video goes into a bit more depth showing the steps along the path from a child's dreams, to overcoming Stops and choosing goals to becoming an Amazing Achiever, all with a caring guide along the way.

Ever worry outside forces are influencing a child you love more than you are?

Reclaim your influence! 



Gain insight to protect your child and help them succeed.
Guide your child to dream, choose worthy goals, and work to achieve them. Apply what you learn and your child will:
  • Grow closer to you
  • Develop good character
  • Lay the groundwork for 21st Century skills
  • Become the Amazing Achiever they were born to be!

Is their childhood flying by too quickly?

In the busyness of a demanding life, we may lose sight of the big picture. On rare occasions, we get a flash that can change the future of those who matter most. Preview this lesson where illumination came in a darkened theater. Envision the dramatic difference you can make in a child's life.


Make the most of the precious gift you've been granted. Take a child or children you love on the Amazing Achievers' Dream Box Adventure.


The Best is Yet to Come!


  • True case study of how the Dream Box began
  • How real-world challenges were overcome
  • Amazing results 25 years later
  • 4 skills to prepare your child for 21st century careers


The best way to connect with Connie and the Dream Box Team is to email [email protected]


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