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What you'll get in the Essential Training Course:

  • Full access to the life-transforming online course 

  • Respect for your busy schedule with short, well-designed lessons

  • Audio (mp3) recordings of each lesson, so you can re-listen on the go

  • A step-by-step workbook, printable checklists, and rules

  • Quick-Start Guides (everything that's in the Quick-Start Kit)

  • Access to communicate with the instructor, ask questions, get answers and offer feedback

  • 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

  • After day 32, receive 3 full BONUS modules 

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Overview of 4 Core Modules + 3 Bonus Modules

Module 1: Inspiration

Find inspiration for what matters most. Identify your WHY and WHO inspires your journey, then reflect on your precious opportunity. 

Module 2: Overview

See the big picture of the system, our 3 primary goals, how it worked with a child in real life, and options for dealing with the unpredictable.

Module 3: Build It!

Shop for and help your child build their own Dream Box. See a live demo and get all you need to see your child create their 1st Dream Card.

Module 4: Guidance for the Guide

Learn to play a new role, check your attitude, practice the power of paying attention, and hone communication skills, 

Module 4: Continued

Guidance for the Guide was overflowing with lessons, so we broke the module in 2 parts to make navigating it easier for you to help your child make life-changing choices and to encourage self-discovery. 

Bonus Module 5

Relax! We're all imperfect! Help your child accept limitations, escape the perils of perfectionism, and make friends with failure on the way to success. M5 arrives on Day 32 after a month to practice.

Bonus Module 6

When dreams die a child needs a caring guide. Learn to help your child process the grief in a healthy way and move on to gain life skills while knitting your hearts together. M6 arrives on Day 62.

Bonus Module 7

Encouragement to help your child keep on dreaming, and working to achieve worthy goals. Get strategies and tactics to integrate this adventure into everyday life. M7 arrives on Day 92. 

Module 1: Inspiration for the Adventure


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Lessons in Module 1

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After Module 1, you will be able to describe your "big WHY" and picture your "WHO" to put into words how precious the opportunity is to influence the child or children you plan to guide through the Amazing Achiever's Dream Box Adventure. 

Might a single moment of decision change the trajectory of your child's future? This inspiring story will help you see life in a new light even though it took place in a darkened theater. Name WHO you are doing this for and WHY. Then rededicate yourself to what you already know has true and lasting value in the bigger picture of life.

Appreciate your power to influence your child's future. Commit yourself, sign and date the dedication page. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger says you may be the most powerful person in the room!

Recap high points of Module 1 and transition into Module 2.

Module 2: The Dream Box Adventure Overview


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Lessons in Module 2

After Module 2 you will be able to recall our 3 primary goals, diagram your child's journey to achievement, and list several character qualities your child will develop associated with success.

Focus on our 3 primary goals: 1) Teach your child the system 2) deepen relationship 3) develop good character qualities proven to lead to success, fulfillment, meaning and happiness.

The Dream Box Adventure is a simple story with a path leading a child to transform into an Amazing Achiever. These line drawings form an overview of the journey from start to finish. 

A simple story becomes an adventure when you try it with a real child living in a complex and challenging world. This is the true story of the first child to use the Dream Box  (and who grew up to become an Amazing Achiever). Part 1 of 2, will leave you on a cliffhanger, answering the question, "What would you do?"

Welcome to Part 2, the inspiring conclusion to this case study of the Dream Box Adventure in the real world. It will serve as a model of what you can do to respond to the unexpected twists and turns as your child takes the path to becoming an Amazing Achiever.

Use these options to deal with the unpredictable twists and turns that will be part of your child’s journey on the way to becoming an Amazing Achiever. Learn to watch and wait, juggle Dream Cards, and tips to recycle ♻️.

Recap high points of Module 2 and transition into Module 3.

Module 3: Building Your Child's Dream Box


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Lessons in Module 3

After Module 3 you will be able to:

  1. Get your child's buy-in during a Dream Box shopping trip.
  2. Build a Dream Box together (that your child will personalize).
  3. Let your child draw their first Dream Card.

Get familiar with the essential parts of the Dream Box and their functions. This basic knowledge will prepare you for your shopping trip to get all the supplies you'll need to get your child off to a great start on their Amazing Achievers' Dream Box Adventure.

This is no ordinary shopping trip! Strategy needs to be applied as you shop with your child and allow them to personalize their own Dream Box. Here's what you need to know to gain buy-in while gathering your needed supplies. Download the shopping list to know what to get and who should choose.

Watch Connie's step-by-step demo of building a Dream Box for your child from scratch. She also explains your strategy to get buy-in from your child through how you approach this shared experience.

Keep your child inspired and aware of where they are in the process by putting the parts of the Dream Box Poem where they go on your child's box. Let your child choose the style they like. The words are in your resources. You can print them as-is or change to a different font, but make the poem part of the Dream Box Adventure experience for your child.

Gather all the stuff your child will need and let them get started creating their very first Dream Card. 

Recap highlights of Module 3 and transition to Module 4.

Module 4: Guidance for the Guide, Part 1


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Lessons in Module 4, Part 1

After Module 4 you will be able to take on new roles, give your child undivided attention, hone needed communication skills and guide according to the rules. Since there is so much guidance for the Guide, M4 is continued in part 2.

You're most likely cast as the hero in the eyes of your child. Learn to take on the role of the Guide (also known as the Mentor) to ensure your child's success on this journey. By doing so you'll become their ally against the challenges of life. You'll also play the role of Rule Keeper -- somebody has to!

Your attitude -- and the attitudes of other influential adults -- can make or break this adventure for your child! Fear, shame, guilt, disappointment, anger, sadness and other powerful emotions underlie our mindset and attitudes. These all color how you will approach your child's Dream Box Adventure. Check your attitude before you start, and make any needed corrections. Your attitude can be a determining factor in your child's success.

As the Guide, you do have superpowers! The power of paying attention is one of them. Unleash this superpower with determined actions and strategic planning. You may be amazed at the overflow of creativity it unleashes in your child.

Active listening takes practice to become skilled but it's worth the effort! It's so vital to this process, I'd say that NOT actively listening to your child as you guide them through the Dream Box Adventure will seriously impede the way. So, please, slow down here to concentrate on practicing each part of this skill set.

Interviewing a child is more challenging than most of us expect. Oprah would never dream of "winging" an interview without preparation and neither should you. Learn what you can accomplish through interviewing your child to draw out what they're dreaming, why they want it, what they think is stopping them and what actions they might take. Your rewards for interviewing well are considerable, but it does take certain skills that require practice and determined effort. These skills are at the heart of the Amazing Achievers' Dream Box Adventure, so give this your best efforts to draw the best out of your child.  

Lessons in Module 4, Part 2

Choosing a Dream Card to try to turn into a goal is a big deal for your child! It's their choice, but they will rely on your guidance. Help them weigh what it will take to reach that goal and whether it's worth that much to them. Check yourself to make sure you're not promoting the dreams you have for them. Observe their thinking process and discover a happy surprise in the process.

Each child has unique personal gifts, abilities and kinds of intelligence. They should be discovering these during childhood. Doing so should be fun, like seeking buried treasure. You get the pleasure and privilege of being on your child's treasure hunt. Finding these during grade school years will make the teen years much more pleasant and may even direct them toward fulfilling life and career choices.

Once the goal is reached, celebrate and commemorate their achievement in their Memory Book. This part of the process fuels the next dream they will pursue. So, pull out all the stops.

This lesson uses an entertaining case study to demonstrate the benefits of listening to your child's WHY even if their dream is impossible. It also is an example of recycling a Dream Card with delightful results; and it models paying attention, active listening, interviewing skills and recycling a dream that can't make it past the Guardians of the Goal Box.

Recap high points of Module 4 and congratulate yourself on finishing the essential lessons to guide your child through the Amazing Achievers' Dream Box Adventure. Now move on to the Course Wrap to peek into the future and learn about bonuses to come. 

Course Wrap Up of Core Essentials

These next few items conclude the core essentials of the foundational course content. At this point, focus on practicing the Amazing Achievers' Dream Box Adventure process with your child. It takes practice to hone your skills that need to be applied in this new way. It takes time and encouragement for your child to dare to share their dreams. They will need to practice too!

Wrap Up the Core Essential Content

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Imagine the rewards of your child reaching their dreams, developing good character and growing closer to you! This case study of actual results brings us full circle and, hopefully, inspires you to carry on with enthusiasm! 

Kids who are guided through the Amazing Achievers Dream Box Adventure throughout their childhoods achieve amazing things, as unique as each child. Here you'll see how big dreams came true in the life of that little girl who drew the 1st Dream Card. 

How will you know if this will work for your child? The only way you'll know for sure is to put it into practice over the course of their childhood. For now, let this true case study spark your imagination of what the results may be in the life of a child you love. (This video was shared as a preview on the website.)

This written section congratulates you for investing in the life of your child. It encourages you to practice. It also previews the 3 BONUS MODULES and their delivery days:

BONUS MODULE 5: Arrives on Day 32 from the day you enrolled.

BONUS MODULE 6: Arrives on Day 62.

BONUS MODULE 7: Arrives on Day 92.

Spacing these out about a month apart let's you practice the essentials for a month before moving on. The arrival of a newly-released module of lessons and content is also designed to spark renewed interest and equip you further. 

Scroll down to see what's in Modules 5, 6, and 7.

Module 5: Confessions of a Frazzled Grown-Up and Imperfect Parent (BONUS: Day 32)


Do you hesitate because you're not sure YOU can do this? You can! We'll show you how.


Lessons in Bonus Module 5

Click on title to see the lesson description.

This sketches how Module 5 will help you be able to relax, fail forward, put aside perfectionism, and take steps to prevent the "Terrible Teens," relieve common fears, provide reassurance, and encourage you to be okay with imperfection while guiding your child to become the Amazing Achiever they were born to be.

So, you're frazzled at times; it's okay to confess it. And we're all imperfect. Connie's confessions of mistakes with the Dream Box Adventure process may encourage you. You'll learn her biggest Dream Box failure and how that didn't keep the kid involved from becoming an Amazing Achiever. In fact, it revealed one of the secrets of the process that can help you relax and have more fun even though what you're doing here is very important.

Accepting one's limitations can contribute to achieving great things in keeping with individual abilities and disabilities. Learn to relax within your limitations and help your child to do so too. Then shift your child's focus to doing what they can do in the direction of their dreams.

Your child's Dream Box is a treasure, but the ultimate goal is for your child to lose the box and replace it with a mental model. When that happens, you could even throw away your child's box -- not that I recommend it -- and they would still go on to achieve great things and become an Amazing Achiever. 

"Perfectionism doesn't take practice shots." But your child needs to be encouraged to take lots of practice shots. So, put aside perfectionism for yourself and your child as you continue on this adventure. 

Getting your child on good terms with failure is one of the best ways to ensure their success. Kids today need to learn to fail fast, learn from mistakes, try, find ways that won't work, then try again, and again until the fast fails pave the way to success. This is one of the best way to prepare for the 21st Century economy. So, encourage your child to start their "No" collection and make friends with failure. This lesson shows how. 

You can start preventing the "Terrible Teens" while your child is still in the "Terrible Twos." And it's not too late if they're already a 'tween. Connie draws from her twelve years as a youth director in large churches working directly with 'tweens, teens and their families to give you advice on how to employ strategies to help make your child's teen years the best season of their young life.

Recap the high points of Module 5 and transition to Module 6.

Module 6: When Dreams Die (Bonus: Arrives Day 62)


Guide your child to become the Amazing Achiever they were born to be! Don't let that dream die.


Lessons in Module 6

Module 6 will teach you how to: 

  1. Help your child process a dream that has died.
  2. Recycle or dispose of a Dream Card for a dream that died.
  3. Help your child move on after a dream has died.

This case study serves as a real-life example of the value of helping your child learn to deal with disappointments. You'll see how to offer the support a child needs to process the loss of something they dreamed of that cannot come true for some reason out of their control. The case study acknowledges the sadness of seeing the death of a cherished dream but offers hope as well.

This lesson shows you how to use the Dream Box system to help your child acknowledge reality when life cannot be what they dream of it being, like when they want their divorced parents to reunite. This gives structure to the process of grieving in a way that promotes mental health and happiness; but first you help your child realize when a dream has died.

This lessons gives you a menu of options for processing the Dream Card representing a dream that has died. You will learn options to help your child express their feelings associated with hard realities to be able to move on to dream again.

Recap Module 6 and transition to Module 7.

Bonus Module 7: Dream On!


If not NOW, when? If not YOU, who? Enroll now! Your child's dreams await!


Lessons in Module 7

Description of this Bonus Module lesson is coming soon.

Description of this Bonus Module lesson is coming soon.

Description of this Bonus Module lesson is coming soon.

Description of this Bonus Module lesson is coming soon.

Description of this Bonus Module lesson is coming soon.

Description of this Bonus Module lesson is coming soon.

Description of this Bonus Module lesson is coming soon.

What you'll get:

  • Full access to the life-transforming online course 

  • Respect for your busy schedule with short, well-designed lessons

  • Audio (mp3) recordings of each lesson, so you can re-listen on the go

  • A step-by-step workbook, printable checklists, and rules

  • Quick-Start Guide

  • Access to communicate with the instructor and offer your feedback

  • 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

  • After day 32, receive 3 full BONUS modules 

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