Achievers' Studio

Achievers' Studio

About Achievers' Studio

Achievers’ Studio is a place where people who aspire can learn to achieve meaningful and worthwhile goals. We enable learning through online courses, recommended resources, live events, consulting, and books. As with any expansive plan, it must start with the first step and grow. So, Achievers Studio is a work in progress where we will add options over time. You can trust that all you will find here will:

  • Focus learning on actually becoming able to do something significant, not just know about it
  • Help learners achieve a meaningful goal
  • Be taught by someone who has achieved the desired goal or has guided others to achieve it
  • Be designed to align with how the human brain learns best, so learning is enjoyable and effective

What do you want to achieve?

As a parent or grandparent, do you want to guide a child you love to bring out their personal best, to achieve worthwhile goals while developing their talents and good character? Our first online course – now available – will guide you to achieve that worthwhile pursuit. Have you ever aspired to write and publish a book that will meet real needs and express something significant that you long to share? That course of study is currently in development, with more being dreamed up in the areas of making a living as an artist, drawing and painting for fun and profit, and physical fitness that’s fun as well as stress-relieving. Creating a course of study that meets the criteria above takes time and considerable resources, so please be patient. Meanwhile, you’re invited to see what we have and return as more is added that may serve you or someone you know in creating a better life and achieving aspirational dreams and goals.

Our People

Connie Neal is the founder and creator behind Achievers’ Studio. She draws from 20 years of experience as an author of traditionally-published books and work in publishing. She is a seasoned professional speaker and educator, spending 12 years teaching, inspiring and motivating youth and their parents. Connie also draws from a rich well of life experience, nurturing a healthy marriage since 1979 and raising three kids who grew up to be amazing achievers despite having to overcome significant obstacles – as we all face. Her education in communication (B.A., Pepperdine University) and instructional design for online learning (M.S., Education) coupled with professional experience as an online instructional designer for the University of California, non-profits, various business and research enterprises, equip her to design learning experiences that will achieve life-transforming results for those who will follow the course and apply what they learn. Connie is the creator and instructor of the first two courses, The Amazing Achiever's Dream Box Adventure and Write a Good Non-Fiction Book (in development). However, as the course offerings expand, other instructors will bring their expertise to share as learning resources under her direction.

Our Purpose

So, Achievers’ Studio is designed to help you reach your dreams and achieve worthwhile goals by providing educationally sound, enjoyable and effective learning resources and experiences.